About DTU Roadrunners

DTU Roadrunners is a student driven project at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. The scope of the project is to construct extremely fuel efficient ecocars, and to compete in the annual Shell Eco-marathon and drive as far on a single liter of fuel as possible.
This is achieved through the students enthusiasm in the project, as it is the responsibility of the students to plan the project, design the cars, produce technical drawings, buy or produce the necessary equipment and components as well as preparing and testing the cars prior to the Shell Eco-marathon. 

The aim of the project is to demonstrate, that modern cars can be made considerably more fuel efficient than current production cars. This is achievable through optimal use of current technology, correct prioritizing of driver comfort, luggage space, weight, etc. The project is run by a team of students, building ecocars on the basis of the knowledge obtained through their education at DTU. This gives the students a unique opportunity for applying their theoretical knowledge for practical purposes within their field of interest, and at the same time give them valuable experience with project work, project planning and team work.  

Furthermore, the project is part of the DTU Bluedot programme for Projects considering environmental issues. A student who has participated in DTU Roadrunners will also have gained valuable insight into the daily working life within industrial development projects.

Photo: Flemming Jørgensen
Dynamo 12.0 was presented to H.R.H. Prince Joachim 16th June. Photo: Flemming Jørgensen.